10 Ways To Stay Safe Driving Through Summer Storms

Highway Driver POV Through Raindrop Car Windshield During Rain Storm

Most people think of climbing temperatures when it comes to summer, but another thing you’re likely to see in Roanoke is summer storms. Sudden downpours can create unsafe road conditions and make driving dangerous if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are some techniques you can use to navigate your drive through the rain. Here are 10 ways to stay safe driving through summer storms.

Prepare for Wet Weather

You can be rain-ready by checking your windshield wipers at the beginning of summer. If they are starting to show wear or some of the rubber edge is separating, it’s time to replace them. Windshield wiper choices range from basic to top-of-the-line, depending on your budget.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Make an emergency kit for your car in case you’re stranded somewhere during a storm. You can include first aid items, water, snacks, and other tools like a flashlight and flares.

Depend on Defensive Driving

When you’re on the road, defensive driving can help you navigate traffic in the rain more safely. You could be driving aggressively one minute and hydroplaning the next. During bad weather, keep your speed down and your awareness up.

Pass the Pools

Large areas of standing water may look safe to drive through, but they’re often deeper and more treacherous than people think. You could become stranded in the water for hours. If possible, drive around standing water on the road.

Clean and Clear

Summer storms can often bring a drastic change in the temperature, resulting in fogged-up car windows. Make sure your car’s defrost system works and turn it on at the first sign of fogginess. To improve visibility, keep the inside of your car windows clean by regularly wiping dust away.

Pay Attention to People

You may see pedestrians even during bad summer storms. Rain and wind can make it much more challenging to see people as you drive, so slowing down and taking more care is key to driving safely.

Tune in for News

Sudden storms can cause flooding, downed power lines, tree limbs, or other issues. Switch to a station that will give you updates on local closures or detours so you don’t get stuck.

Look for Live Power Lines

Gusty winds and broken branches can knock down live power lines. Avoid these downed lines and let authorities know about the issue as soon as it is safe to pull over. Downed lines can be live even if you don’t see sparks.

Know Your Intersection Etiquette

Wild summer storms can cause power outages in intersections. When the traffic lights are out, take extra care going through these tricky places. Some people don’t stop when they usually would at a light, and emergency vehicles might speed through also.

Baby the Brakes

Sudden stops and rainy weather don’t mix well. To ensure you don’t find yourself sliding into the car in front, keep extra space between you and the other vehicles whenever possible. In addition, reduce your speed to ensure you have plenty of time to brake safely without having to risk trying to stop suddenly.

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Get Your Car Rain-ready

Your car’s summer preparation should include checking your windshield wipers, AC unit, and brakes. At Berglund Automotive in Roanoke, Virginia, you can ensure your car is ready for anything. Schedule an appointment with an experienced technician in the service department today.

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