Enjoy Rustic Italian Cuisine Here In Roanoke

Close up of unrecognizable person eating pasta for dinner.

Fresh, hand-crafted, and woodfired dishes make Food Fanatics Kitchen a popular dinner spot in Roanoke. From pizzas on hand-made dough to pasta tossed with fresh herbs and cheese, you’ll find tasty and heartwarming dishes. This local and family-owned spot is the place to go to enjoy rustic Italian cuisine.

When to Go

You can stop by almost any day of the week at the Food Fanatics Kitchen on Marshall Ave SW. On Tuesday through Thursday, visit between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. for a hearty lunch or a memorable dinner. Or, enjoy the later hours on Fridays and Saturdays, when the restaurant remains open until 10:00 p.m. Finally, Sundays are perfect for dinner dates between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Food Fanatics Kitchen is closed on Mondays.

Whet Your Appetite

Food Fanatics Kitchen packs its dinner menu with flavorful dishes. But first, you’ll want to start with an appetizer or two. One favorite is the Bacon on Bacon, with smoked pork belly, homemade barbecue, apple butter, and apple-smoked bacon. Another sure winner is the Crab Cake Appetizer. A red pepper citrus aioli is the perfect complement.

Dinner Is Delicious

Ordering dinner at Food Fanatics Kitchen is only stressful because there are so many good choices. For example, there are at least 11 pizza choices alone. In addition, you can grab a filling burger or a large plate of comforting pasta. And add meatballs, shrimp, grilled salmon, and more to your pasta for an even heartier meal. Of course, there are also amazing entrees.

The Weekly Dinner Specials

A rotating cast of small and regular plate dinner specials ensures that you can have a unique experience every time you dine. From Duck Confit with fresh Orange Meuniere sauce to Crispy Skin Salmon with Harissa Beurre Blanc, every dinner is an experience. The owners at Food Fanatics Kitchen clearly adore well-made food, and diners can take advantage of that passion.

You’ll Love Lunch

Dinner isn’t the only time you can get hand-crafted, delicious food. Stop by for lunch and enjoy the full menu. In fact, the restaurant offers woodfired sandwiches that come with a fresh and crisp side salad for the perfect pick-me-up. Or, grab a pizza for yourself or to share. There are even Indian-inspired pizzas with delicious flavor combinations you’ll love. In addition, many vegetarian options are available on all menus.

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Boxed Lunch Bliss

If you’re in a hurry or need to order a lot of lunches for the office, try Food Fanatics Kitchen’s boxed lunch menu. You can scan its QR code online or call to create custom boxed lunches with everything you need to power through that work meeting. In fact, you can easily add a can of soda to your order. And every box comes with a slice of sour cream pound cake.

Roanoke is home to many great places to eat. But you can’t beat Food Fanatics Kitchen for rustic Italian and fusion flavors. Make plans to stop by today.


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