Get 24/7 Care For Your Furry Friend At Emergency Veterinary Services Of Roanoke

Female veterinarian with a pup at the office

The hours can drag on forever when your pet is sick, and your vet is closed for the night. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for office hours to roll to get medical care for your furry friend. Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke is always open, so help is just a short drive away.

Because an emergency vet differs from a primary provider, it’s helpful to learn more about the services and what to do if you need to bring your pet. Then you can prepare in case an emergency arises.

What’s an Emergency?

Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke doesn’t provide routine care. Thus, call your vet when the office opens if your pet has a minor issue or ailment. However, don’t wait if your pet’s experiencing a life-threatening emergency or significant pain.

Some examples of emergencies include broken bones, continuous bleeding, accidental poisoning, and difficulty breathing, but that’s far from an all-inclusive list. If you’re unsure if your pet needs immediate help, reach out to the emergency vet to ask. After discussing the symptoms, the staff will let you know what to do. You might be asked to come in, but the staff could have you wait to talk to your vet.

Can Pets Stay at the Emergency Vet?

Serious emergencies typically take time to treat, so your furry friend might not be able to go home the same day you bring it in. However, the compassionate staff will take excellent care of your pet, and it won’t be left alone. This facility offers inpatient critical care and monitoring, and the staff will jump into action if the situation changes. The facility also has the diagnostic equipment and an onsite lab and pharmacy. Thus, they can diagnose and treat your pet without shuffling it to another location.

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Be Sure to Call

The pet emergency room is just as busy as the ER at the hospital. Instead of people, there’s a constant flow of pets. The staff has to assess each one, meaning intake can take some time.

With so much going on, calling before coming in makes it easier for the staff, pet parents, and pets. After discussing the situation over the phone, the team can give a general idea of your expected wait time. Still, the wait time could change based on the evaluation at intake.

Realizing a pet is having an emergency is terrifying. However, it’s important to know that it will receive first-class care at Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke. Thus, don’t hesitate to head over if your pet needs treatment.

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