Get Tickets To See The Rail Yard Dawgs Play

Hockey Puck, Stick, and Net (landscape)

So, there’s some good news and bad news. As for the bad news, hockey season is almost over. Fortunately, you still have time to watch the Rail Yard Dawgs in action. They are playing seven more games at the Berglund Center Coliseum in Roanoke, and tickets are available for as low as $16. Get the details on the team’s upcoming matches in March and April, and learn about the special promos.

Catch the Rail Yard Dawgs Against Fayetteville

The Rail Yard Dawgs have a two-match series coming up against Fayetteville on March 24-25. With Fayetteville sitting below the Rail Yard Dawgs in the standings, you can expect a dominant performance from the home team. Both nights have special promotions too. First Responder Night takes place on March 24, followed by Top Gun Night on March 25. As you know, if you’ve attended one of the games before, the promotional nights are always a lot of fun, so don’t miss out.

See the Rail Yard Dawgs Take Down Knoxville

It might be a tighter matchup when the Rail Yard Dawgs take on the Knoxville Ice Bears on March 26. The two teams are neck in neck in the standings, but the hometown crowd can propel the Dawgs to victory. Speaking of Dawgs, you can bring your leashed furry friend to the rink for this match.

Knoxville is coming back to Roanoke on April 8 for the final hockey game of the regular season. This just might be the best time to go since it’s Fan Appreciation Night. The team will give a little love back to the fans during the match while still putting everything they’ve got toward taking down the opponent.

Cheer the Dawgs Past Peoria

The Rail Yard Dawgs also take on Peoria two more times this season. You can watch them two nights in a row, on March 31 and April 1. If you’re a baseball fan, the first of the two matches is a must-attend. It’s Baseball Night, so you can celebrate America’s Pastime while cheering on your favorite hockey team. The wiener dog races are on the second night, and they’re always popular at sporting events.

Peoria is one of the best hockey teams around, so the Dawgs will need some extra encouragement these two nights. Even though Peoria has a slight edge, the Dawgs have the skills necessary to notch a win.

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Play Trivia While Watching the Battle Against Macon

The second to last game of the season is on April 6 against Macon. If you want to see a high-scoring performance from the Rail Yard Dawgs, this is the best match to attend. Macon is the lowest-ranked team the Dawgs will play for the rest of the season, so they’re sure to get in the scoring zone. Plus, you can play some trivia during the match, so you can come out a winner too.

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