Grab Some American Classics At Billy’s Downtown

A fork pierces a juicy, succulent grilled fillet steak, grilled medium rare.

When you think of American classics, diners probably come to mind. Diners are great, but what if you could have your favorite American foods at a restaurant with a refined atmosphere? That’s just what will happen when you dine at Billy’s in downtown Roanoke. Even with the high-end environment, Billy’s is welcoming and comfortable while serving some of the best food in town. Check out some reasons you should go to Billy’s and make plans for a meal out.

Chow Down on Steak

Finding a good steak isn’t always easy, but it’s a breeze at Billy’s. The eatery has an assortment of steak options, including the cowboy ribeye and filet. When it comes to flavor, the cowboy ribeye is the winner, but you won’t find a bad cut of meat here. Of course, it’s not just about the cut of meat. How it’s prepared is equally important, and the team really shines in that regard. Be sure to get some enhancements for your steak, such as a blue cheese crust, for the ultimate dining experience.

Try the Amazing Seafood

If you’re more of a seafood person, you won’t have any trouble finding something to eat at Billy’s. It has an outstanding seafood selection, and the Rainbow Trout is a local favorite. The toasted almonds add to the flavor profile and balance nicely with the fish. The Seafood Platter is another popular option and is so full of food that you’ll be taking some home.

Stop by for Brunch

Brunch at Billy’s has become a Sunday tradition in Roanoke, and it’s easy to see why. While some brunch spots are pretty “out there” when it comes to the menu, Billy’s takes a different approach. Basically, the brunch menu is full of traditional breakfast foods with little twists. Also, it has some lunch staples, like burgers and sandwiches, but they’re “brunchier” than you’ll find at lunch spots. If you go, be sure to try the chicken and waffles, breakfast club, omelets, and benedicts. It’s hard to pick a favorite since they’re all mouthwateringly delicious.

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Other Popular Dishes

Honestly, all of the dishes at Billy’s are well-received, so it’s hard to leave anything off the list. Still, the short ribs, pecan chicken salad, and shrimp and grits deserve special shout outs. Oh, and you can’t talk about Billy’s without at least mentioning the desserts. The triple chocolate cake is perfectly sweet and succulent, while the limoncello cake is unforgettable.

These are just some of Billy’s tastiest menu items. You can also order chicken, pasta, appetizers, and other phenomenal dishes. Make reservations to ensure you’ll get a table when you go to Billy’s. Then, get ready for the best meal you’ve ever eaten.

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