Get Active During Labor Day Weekend With These Ideas

Happy Family Enjoying picnic and Camping

Labor Day is on September 6, and it’ll be the ideal time to enjoy some activities with your family. The question is, what should you do? Let’s go over some family-friendly outdoor activities that will keep you entertained this Labor Day.

Play Games and Sports

Do you have outdoor games and sporting equipment? If so, pick one or two of your favorite items to take outside on Labor Day.

What if you don’t have any gear? You can pick up what you need without spending much money. A soccer ball will provide hours of fun for your family. You can work on dribbling and passing and even have a match.

Wiffle ball and catch are also a blast. Regardless of age and skill level, everyone can take part in the fun.

Your family will also enjoy playing horseshoes or bocce ball, or you can keep things simple with a Frisbee. However, if the idea of Frisbee sounds like fun, but you want a little something extra, you can get a Frisbee golf set and turn your yard into a course.

Go Hiking

Roanoke has tons of hiking trails that you can tackle this Labor Day. Load up your family and take off on the Mill Mountain Star Trail or one of the other options.

If you want to increase the excitement, you can go geocaching during your hike. Your family will try to find the geocache based on its coordinates. Once you find it, open up the cache and sign the log.

While this sounds complicated, it’s easy when you download the official Geocaching app. Then, you can choose available geocaches and use your phone to search for them.

Hit the Water

Roanoke is also full of kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding opportunities. Your family can arrange a trip on the water through a company or go by yourselves. Be sure to pack a lunch when you go, so you can spend hours out on the water, enjoying nature.

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Go Camping

Consider ending the day by sleeping under the stars. Roanoke has numerous camping options if you feel like getting away from home. You also have the option of setting up a tent in your backyard. If you camp at home, go beyond setting up a tent. You’ll also want to set up some camping chairs and start a campfire for roasting hotdogs and s’mores. Even though you’ll just be in your backyard, you’ll still get the full experience of sleeping under the stars. Plus, backyard camping is much easier if you have little ones.

You won’t have any trouble staying busy on Labor Day when you incorporate these activities. But, of course, you won’t just stay active. You’ll also have a fantastic time with your loved ones.

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