Load Up On Your Summer Gear At Roanoke Mountain Adventures


Outdoorsy types who enjoy hiking, biking, tubing, and other adventures can get practically everything they want at Roanoke Mountain Adventures. The store offers gear, rentals, guided tours, and much more. Here is a sample of what customers can find when they visit the store.

On the River

Whether a person is making their first excursion out on the water or they know the river like the back of their hand, Roanoke Mountain Adventures has everything necessary for a good time.

  • Tubes. The company rents high-quality tubes for trips that usually take between two and three hours. All participants must be at least six years old and know how to swim. In addition, Roanoke Mountain Adventures requires footwear for everyone.
  • Kayaks. The Roanoke River has been voted the best urban kayaking river in the country, and it runs right beside the Roanoke Mountain Adventures store. Depending on water levels, kayakers can enjoy class I or class II rapids. People can rent single or tandem kayaks at Roanoke Mountain Adventures.
  • Paddleboards. While they are not necessarily ideal for the river, Roanoke Mountain Adventures rents stand up paddleboards that some people use at nearby Carvins Cove.

Biking Options

Roanoke Mountain Adventures features a bike shop that offers repairs, new bikes, used bikes, and electric bikes – all for either rent or purchase. People can also check with them for details about upcoming classes and other events. Bikers will often explore Mill Mountain, Carvins Cove, Patterson Creek, North Mountain, Roanoke River Greenway, Blue Ridge Parkway, New River Trail, and the Jackson River Scenic Trail. The store is open every day from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. except it is closed on Wednesdays.

Groups & Events

Many companies and other groups will host conferences and other gatherings at Roanoke Mountain Adventures. They can accommodate weddings, schools, youth organizations, and a variety of other groups.

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