Tips To Make The Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Homemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

Does it seem like no matter the recipe, your pumpkin pie never turns out quite right? If so, the problem isn’t with the recipe. Instead, you need to incorporate some tips for making pumpkin pie. These tips will make your pies look and taste like they were professionally made.

Chill the Dough and Ingredients

If you want a flaky crust, you need to chill the crust and ingredients. First, put the ingredients you’ll use to make the crust in the refrigerator. Then make the crust and roll the dough into discs. Put the discs in plastic and place them in the refrigerator for a half-hour. Then remove the dough from the refrigerator and roll it out once again. Put it on your pie plate and move it to the refrigerator once again. Take it out after 15 minutes, and it’ll be ready.

Pre-bake the Crust

Most people start with an unbaked pie shell, add the filling, and then put it in the oven. However, this causes the crust to get soggy while baking. Instead, pre-bake the pie crust. When it’s done, wrap aluminum foil around the crust’s top edges. Then you can add the filling and bake the pie.

Use an Egg Wash

Are you on a mission to make a perfectly golden pie crust? You might not realize that using an egg wash is the secret to this. Use it on the unbaked pie crust, and it will turn golden brown when baking.

Add Extra Ingredients

If you want some extra flavor, add sweet potatoes, yams, or squash to your pie filling. Your recipe might not call for it, but you’ll love the pie’s fall flavors.

Take it Out Before it Sets Completely

If you keep your pie in the oven for too long, a crack will form down the crust. While that might not impact the taste, it doesn’t look that appealing. Remove the pie from the oven when it’s starting to set and let it cool. It will finish setting while out of the oven, and then you can dig into a slice.

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Change Up the Flavor

Maybe your pies are coming out okay, but you aren’t in love with the flavor. If that’s the case, mix up the spices. Try some different spices but be sure to taste the filling while adding. Then you’ll know if you need to stop or keep adding.

You can also change the flavor by using half the amount of white sugar and adding brown sugar in its place. You’ll notice hints of caramel if you do this.

Are you getting hungry just thinking about pumpkin pie? Keep these tips in mind and whip up a delicious pie that will be the envy of all the baking enthusiasts you know.