Pressure Washing Your House This Summer

Senior Man Up On Ladder DIY Power Washing House Siding

Pressure washing your house is a great way to give it a facelift and remove dirt and grime that has built up over time. It’s a job that can be done yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. Here are some tips on how to pressure wash your house, using Home Depot’s guide as a source.

Preparation Is Key

First prepare the area for pressure washing. Start by removing all outdoor furniture, decorations, and any other items that may get in the way. Then, cover your plants with plastic sheeting to protect them from the cleaning solution and high-pressure water. This step is essential to avoid damaging them. Next, choose the right pressure washer. Home Depot recommends using an electric pressure washer with a minimum pressure of 1,500 PSI. If your home has vinyl siding, it’s best to use a lower setting to prevent damage. Don’t own a pressure washer? Many hardware or rental stores will lend you one for a fee.

Mix It Up

After choosing your pressure washer, it’s time to mix the cleaning solution. Use a mixture of 1-part bleach to 3-parts water. This cleaning solution works for most surfaces. However, it’s important to note that bleach may not be suitable for all surfaces and could cause staining. B sure to test a small area first before applying it to the entire surface. Once you have mixed your cleaning solution, it’s time to start pressure washing. Begin by spraying the cleaning solution onto the house, starting at the bottom and working your way up to ensure that the dirt and grime are removed thoroughly. Allow the solution to sit on the surface for at least 10 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Next Steps

Before proceeding with a power wash, you need to rinse the siding. This will remove any excess cleaning solution and prepare the surface for high-pressure water. Start at the top of the house and work your way down, using a wide-angle tip to cover as much surface area as possible. Once you have rinsed the entire surface, it’s time to adjust the pressure washer to the appropriate setting for your home’s siding. Home Depot recommends using a 25 or 40-degree nozzle to clean vinyl siding, as using a smaller angle could cause damage. It’s essential to take your time and work in small sections, starting at the top and working your way down. Finally, once you have completed the pressure washing, it’s time to rinse the surface again to remove any debris and leftover cleaning solution. Be sure to take extra care around windows and other areas with delicate surfaces.

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Dramatic Results

Pressure washing your house can provide a dramatic transformation and help keep your home looking its best. With the proper preparation and equipment, it’s a job you can easily do yourself or hire a professional to do. So, use Home Depot’s guide as a source, and follow these tips to pressure wash your house and give it the facelift it deserves. When you’re ready to give your ride the facelift it deserves, come see us at Berglund Automotive Group, and let’s see how we can help!

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