A Few Ways To Protect Your Tires

Close-up of a tire on a black car driving down a tree-lined streetYour vehicle has just four points of contact with the road. That’s why the quality and condition of your tires is so crucial for keeping you safely rolling along for many miles to come. It’s not always readily clear if your tires need to be replaced, and often the first sign of trouble comes when you’re stranded on the side of the road with a flat. That’s why it’s necessary to be proactive when it comes to paying attention to your vehicle’s tires. When you stay one step ahead of them, you’ll be able to address any issues before they become a real problem. Read on for a few valuable tips on protecting your tires.

Check Tire Pressure Monthly

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, under-inflated tires are the number one cause of tire-related crashes. Keep tabs on your tire pressure to ensure that they’re inflated to the recommended level (check your owner’s manual for specifics) and eliminate this from your list of things to worry about on the road.

Inspect Tires Frequently

A visual inspection is more helpful than you might think. Often, tires show signs of wear and tear that can be spotted even by amateurs. Look for potential problems like cracks or bulges in the sidewall, visible or uneven tread wear, or even gouges or punctures that could spell big tire trouble on your next drive.

Rotate Regularly

Regular tire rotation (every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or so) helps to even out tread wear and get the most and best life out of your tires. This is a simple and inexpensive service that can be done quickly at your local automotive service center.

Replace Tires When Needed

You don’t want to wait until your tires have become hazardous to replace them. Investing in a new set of tires is a smart move – and if you know where to go for affordable quality auto parts, it won’t break the bank. Visit your local tire center for expert assistance in selecting the right tires for your vehicle and getting a great price on them at the same time.

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Tire Service at Berglund Automotive

Berglund Automotive is not just your source for amazing deals on new and used vehicles – we are also your go-to provider of services and parts. Whether you need a tire rotation, a professional tire inspection, or a new set of tires, turn to one of our Roanoke-area service centers or parts departments for unbeatable service and comprehensive car car.