Throw Your Grad The Best Graduation Party

Hispanic Student And Family Celebrating Graduation Smiling And Hugging

Whether graduating from high school or college, your child just completed a wonderful milestone in their life. You want to honor their achievements. There is no better way to celebrate your student than with a party.  By Sophia Lee offers some fun graduation party ideas that you could implement in the party you are having for your graduate.

Decoration Ideas

Any party needs a theme and decorations. Of course, it is a graduation party, but that does not mean you are limited to black cap and gown decorations. You color coordinate everything based on your graduates favorite colors or you could use the colors from their school. If you are celebrating a high school graduate, then you can decorate with the paraphernalia from the university they plan on attending.  Two other easy décor ideas are to string up lights in the back yard and have a memory board displaying pictures of the graduate in their formative years as well as photos from middle and high school as well as college memories, if they are graduating from university.

Have A Photo Backdrop

Another thing you can do for the party that can serve has both decoration and as an activity is to set up a photo booth. You can create a photo backdrop with sheets or a flag of the university your graduate plans on attending. You can also purchase some large decorative balloons to use a photo props. Your guests will enjoy taking photos with the graduate and each other. While many will probably take photos with their smartphone, you should also have an available polaroid camera. You can either let people keep the photos home with them or you can set up a place for the photos to be put on display. At the end of the party, your graduate can have all the pictures as a memento.

Have a Unique Dessert Table

Of course, you have to celebrate this sweet time with some sweet dessert. At the graduation party, you need to set up a unique dessert table. You can have a cupcake table with a do-it-yourself, rustic cupcake stand that you created yourself. Or you could assemble the cupcakes in the shape of the graduation year. If your graduate is not a big fan of cupcakes, then you could also have donut table. There are some cute donut displays that you can have for your donuts. Or you can have a s’mores bar with different types of marshmallows, an assortment of chocolates, and regular graham and chocolate crackers.

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Set Out A Wisdom Jar For The Graduate

As your guests enter the party or as they say their goodbyes, make sure that they offer the graduate some words of wisdom. You can set up a jar with pretty cardstock. The guests can fill out the pieces of cardstock with words of wisdom and well wishes and place in the jar for the graduate to ruminate over.

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