Trending In 2019: Food

food trend

Have you noticed that each year, there seems to be a hot food trend? For instance, remember a few years ago when gluten-free food was all the rage? If it feels like you’re always behind on the trends, you can change that this year. Check out the big food trends for 2019, and add them to your grocery list.

Plant-Based Protein

Think you can only get your protein from meat? Think again. Plant-based protein is going to be huge in 2019. Expect to see lots of legumes, seeds, and nuts around this year. Pea protein is also going to be a big deal. Add some plant-based protein to your shopping list so you can get a little extra boost with each meal. Want to go the extra mile? Check out legume pasta. One of the food trends is manufacturers making pasta noodles with green lentils and chickpeas. That’ll make you feel a little better about that big pasta meal.

New Non-Dairy Milk Options

Non-dairy milk has been all the rage for years, but expect some changes in 2019. It’s not just about soy and almonds this year. Now, you can expect to see milk made from cashews, pecans, oats, and sesame seeds. Some manufacturers are getting even more creative by making milk out of bananas.

Low-FODMAP Foods

Some people have trouble digesting sugar alcohols and short-chain carbs. They end up with bloating and abdominal pain, and manufacturers have taken notice. Companies are offering low-FODMAP foods, and these will likely be a huge hit. Think of how big gluten-free items were. This could be even bigger.

High Smoke Point Cooking Oils

Did you know that overheating oil is dangerous? When you heat oil past its smoke point, it releases dangerous free radicals. On top of that, it makes your food taste burnt. That’s why high smoke point cooking oils are becoming so popular. Algae oil might be the most popular option. This oil can be heated to 485 degrees. It’s time to move over, extra virgin olive oil. There’s a new oil in town.

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More Products with Probiotics

Remember when you needed a pill or some yogurt to take probiotics? That was so 2018. This year, you’ll be able to find probiotics in beverages, oatmeal, and more. If your digestive health needs a boost, check these products out.

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