Useful Skills To Know In 2023

smiling woman typing on laptop
It’s never too late to learn something new. Maybe it’s a skill that will help you stay competitive in the job market, or perhaps it’s a language you’ve always wished you could speak. Times change, and picking up new skills is a great way to change with them, so set your mind to learning any of these relevant skills for 2023.

Online Essentials

While you might not ever need to study advanced computer skills like coding (unless you want to), it still pays to possess some basic digital knowhow. That could mean getting familiar with the latest tools that have become commonplace in the office and socially – like Zoom or Slack. It also pays to brush up on the essentials, like common software by Microsoft and Google. Whether you’re keeping track of work emails or trying to share a photo album with the family, knowing your way around Microsoft 365 and Google Suite can make life a lot easier.

Clear Communication

Being able to make your point effectively can be a great confidence boost, and it can also make the listener more confident in what you’re saying. For public speaking, remember to take it slow, as many people get nervous when addressing a crowd. Keep your own gestures and body language in check too, as nervous habits can be distracting. It’s still more important to focus on what you’re saying, of course, so practicing your presentation beforehand. Feeling comfortable with the written word is just as important. Even if you don’t have plans to publish a novel or start your own blog, a good grasp of grammar and clean writing will make a good impression with every email, text, and letter. A well-written cover letter could even give you an advantage on the job hunt.

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Even if you took an economics class in grade school, setting a budget might not have come up, and it still might not come naturally. However, setting a budget and sticking to it month-to-month can help you live within your means and save up money for when you need it, and you’ll be glad you have those savings when you’re looking to retire. Take a look at your income, then take stock of how much you spend each month. Note how much you spend on essentials versus costs you can cut back on.

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