Volvo S80: Advanced Power, Connectivity, and Safety

Volvo S80 LynchburgGet behind the wheel of the Volvo S80 to enjoy everything this luxury sedan has to offer Lynchburg residents. It has excellent power, keeps you connected, and protects everyone in the car at all times. Thanks to Volvo innovations, the S80 offers everything you need plus some extra.

Drive-E in the Volvo S80

The S80 features Drive-E powertrains that are turbocharged and supercharged to boost performance and power while maximizing efficiency. You get excellent power without the lag time typically associated with turbochargers thanks to its partner, the supercharger. Boost efficiency further with the ECO+ function that can reduce your consumption of fuel by as much as 5 percent.

Sensus in the Volvo S80

The Sensus infotainment system in the S80 is perfect for staying connected at all times. Sensus lets you connect your smartphone, listen to music, control the safety features, or even create a Wi-Fi hotspot by pressing a single button. The Wi-Fi range is extended so you can use it outside of your Volvo, such as on a picnic. You also get standard apps, like Pandora and Yelp, to make life easier and more fun. Opt for the version of Sensus with navigation to get around Virginia with ease or take advantage of the Find Parking app.

IntelliSafe in the Volvo S80

The IntelliSafe system on the Volvo S80 has a range of innovative technology that prevents collisions, keeping you and your passengers safe. Just some of the included features include Blind Spot Information, automatic braking via City Safety, and Adaptive Cruise Control. The City Safety system can detect potential collisions and brake automatically at 31 mph or slower. Adaptive Cruise Control works at speeds higher than 18 mph. It even includes Distance Alert for when you get too close.

The team at Volvo of Lynchburg can answer any questions you have about these or other features on the Volvo S80 or help you get behind the wheel. Soon you can be driving your very own S80 around Lynchburg, Virginia.

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