Volvo XC90 Practical and Elegant Accessories

Volvo XC90 LynchburgTake your Volvo XC90 to the next level with the wide range of genuine accessories available from Volvo. By choosing genuine Volvo accessories, you will get the highest quality available. These accessories were designed with your vehicle in mind, meaning they are guaranteed to work seamlessly. Here are some of the most popular XC90 additions in Lynchburg.

Pack and Load Accessories

While the XC90 is already incredibly versatile, you can opt for one of several features to make the cargo area even more useful. Best of all, some of these accessories are available in several colors so you can choose the one that matches the interior of your vehicle.

A steel protective grille sits between the seats and the cargo area and makes sure that cargo isn’t thrown forward into the passenger area if you brake hard or are in a collision. The available cargo mat is waterproof and reversible, as well as incredibly stylish. One side has plastic while the other features color-keyed fabric. Pet owners will particularly love the dog gate that works with the protective grille, load compartment divider, and load liner. The gate opens easily, and you can take it out when you aren’t using it. Best of all, the gate can remain shut even if you have the liftgate open so you don’t have to worry about Fido jumping out as soon as you open the door.

XC90’s Safety Accessories

Volvo always makes safety a top priority, which is why the XC90 is available with several safety features designed to protect your children. The comfort upholstery for a child seat adds support to your child’s car seat, protects your XC90’s original upholstery, and adds head restraints and comfortable upholstery to the booster cushion. Speaking of which, the available booster cushion with backrest is perfect for those between 3 and 10 years old, ensuring that your child is sitting at the right height to be buckled in safely. The backrest is adjustable to add protection, and you can tilt the seat for sleeping.

Learn more about these and other Volvo XC90 accessories at Volvo of Lynchburg. Our Lynchburg, Virginia, staff will be glad to show you the range of accessories so you can customize your XC90 to meet your exact needs.

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