See What’s Up At On The Rise

Getting bored with your lunch and snack choices? Mix things up with a trip to On the Rise Bread Company. The staff makes everything fresh each day, so you can expect delicious sandwiches and baked goods here. You can even get a beer, wine, and coffee here. Be sure to stop by the next time you need a tasty lunch or a snack.

Check out some reasons this place stands out.

San Francisco-Style Sourdough

Countless restaurants try their hands at sourdough, and most fail. Most places don’t even come close to making San Francisco-style sourdough, and that’s one reason that On the Rise Bread Company stands out. The sour taste is spot-on and the crust is pure perfection. Be sure to get a couple of loaves to take home with you.

Wonderful Meals

The menu here is also outstanding. The cabbage ham soup will stay on your mind for hours after you take the last slurp, and the pizza is divine. Call ahead if you want a full pizza. Otherwise, you will need to order it by the slice.

Oh, and those sandwiches. They are so good. The toppings are put on freshly baked bread, and the balance between the meat/cheese and bread is perfection.

You can even get some vegetarian options here. There’s no reason for anyone to walk away hungry.

The Sticky Buns

Not much of a sandwich or pizza person? No worries. The sticky buns are worth the drive over. These buns are so soft and fluffy, and you will go to sweet tooth heaven with every bite.

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And About Those Muffins

On the Rise has some of the best muffins in Virginia. How good are they? Well, for starters, they are so heavy that the server will put your muffin top-down on the plate, so it doesn’t fall over. Then, the ingredients are fresh. Let’s say you order a blueberry muffin. You can expect real blueberries in every bite. You are going to love every bite of these muffins.

These are just some of the reasons to go to On the Rise Bread Company. We also have lots of reasons for you to come to Berglund Automotive in Roanoke, Virginia. We have a knowledgeable team, a huge inventory of vehicles, and we make it easy to drive one off the lot today. With so many benefits, stop by and see us today.