Visit Bedford’s First Brewery

Beale's Brewery

It was only a matter of time before beer started coming to Bedford. Beale’s Brewery is Bedford’s first brewery, and it was worth the wait. The team behind the brewery started dreaming it up in 2015 and spent the next two years perfecting the idea and getting everything ready. By the time it finally opened in 2017, it was everything people hoped for and more. See, Beale’s isn’t just a craft brewery. It’s also a full-service barbecue restaurant, and it brought some much-needed jobs to Bedford. With so many reasons to love Beale’s, you should stop by today.

Approachable Craft Beer

You know how craft beer can be overly complex? It’s like brewmasters try too hard to make something different, and the beer ends up being unapproachable. Lots of beer drinkers don’t care for those heady brews. Well, you don’t have to worry about that at Beale’s Brewery. The owners realized this was a problem and decided to go the opposite way by creating low ABV beers that are approachable. These guys don’t want to act like you’re drinking a fine wine. They want you to enjoy a brew with your buds, and that’s possible with these beers.

Beale’s Gold is the most approachable of those options. This Helles Lager is full bodied and has a crisp finish. Most importantly, it goes down smoothly. Want to know the coolest fact about this beer, though? James Frazer is the brewmaster behind it, and he hails from Bedford.

What’s in a Name?

Do you like to know how places come up with their names? The story behind Beale’s Brewery is pretty intriguing. You’ve surely heard the story of Thomas Jefferson Beale. Many area residents believe he buried a treasure in the city. The owners of Beale’s Brewery were so intrigued they decided to name the brewery after him. They also pay homage to the man in the brewery. Look for various touches inside when you stop by for some brews and barbecue.

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Don’t Forget the Food

You might come for the beer, but you should get some barbecue during your trip. The authentic wood-smoked barbecue has Virginia and Texas influences, and it goes great with the beer. In fact, it’s so good you might stop by just to pick it up by the pound and bring it home.

The thought of Beale’s Brewery surely has your mouth watering. You’re going to want to go over and over again, and you need some wheels that will get you there. Visit us at Berglund Automotive in Roanoke, Virginia, and pick up a vehicle that is up to the task. We have just what you need for your trips around Bedford and beyond.

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