BBQ & Blues at The Sedalia Center

BBQ & Blues

You love music, and you love food. But both are even better when you combine them. That’s why you need to check out BBQ & Blues at the Sedalia Center. This event is taking place on Saturday, April 28. Before that date arrives, learn about the details so you can prepare yourself. On the day of the festival, you won’t want to do anything but kick back, relax, listen to some blues music, and eat a big plate of barbecue.


You won’t get just any old barbecue at this event. This is going to be a cook-off, which means you get to taste what the different cooks are offering up to see which one you like best. That means you should save some room so you can taste everything that looks good. If you want to do more than just taste and actually want to compete in the competition, you can fill out a team application. Your team might just take home the grand prize of $300, along with four season passes to the Sedalia Center. That’s a prize you definitely will want to take home.


While BBQ & Blues is inexpensive, it’s not free. If you buy tickets before the day of the event, you will only pay $10. However, if you wait until you get there, you will have to pay $15. Therefore, it’s smarter to buy your ticket as soon as you know you’re going to go. Children ages 12 and under get in free, so make sure to bring the kids along. They’ll love listening to music and tasting all the delicious food.

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Camp Overnight

Camping is also an option at the Sedalia Center, and it’s affordable. If you have a tent that you are planning to use, it will only cost you $15 to set it up. That’s a great price for a campsite. However, other people prefer to camp in style in an RV. The Sedalia Center can accommodate those people, as well. If you need electricity for your RV, you will pay $30. Either way, it’s a steal, and you’ll be close to all the festivities.

With a comfortable new vehicle from the Berglund Group in Roanoke, Virginia, you can even camp in your car. We offer spacious and convenient vehicles for people who are always on the go. Before you go to the festival, check out our selection of new and used vehicles to see if something jumps out at you.

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