Easy Ways To Control Pet Hair In Your Home

Maine coon cat grooming and lying on white bed

You love your furry companion, but you could do without the pet hair. It seems like you spend most of your time cleaning up fallen fur, and even so, it’s still on your floors and furniture. Fortunately, it’s possible to control pet hair in your home. Follow these tips so you can finally enjoy your pet without the mess.

Cleaning Tile, Laminate, and Hardwood Floors

You probably reach for a straw broom and dustpan to pick up pet hair on tile, laminate, and hardwood floors, only to sweep it up into the air. Then it lands on furniture or the floor again, creating a never-ending problem. Switch your straw broom for a rubber one when sweeping up pet hair. Rubber attracts hair, allowing you to sweep up the fur with ease.

Cleaning Rugs and Carpets

Vacuuming rugs and carpets isn’t enough. Fur can burrow into the fibers and then work its way out. Always sweep rugs and carpet with a rubber broom before you vacuum, as the rubber can pull the buried hair and pick up clumps that clog up your vacuum cleaner. After, you’ll be ready to vacuum.

Cleaning Baseboards

Hair can also stick on baseboards. Grab a dryer sheet, and wipe it across the baseboards, as it will remove the fur immediately. The dryer sheet’s anti-static properties will also transfer to the baseboards, so they’ll stay fur-free for longer.

Cleaning Upholstered and Fabric Furniture

Upholstered and fabric furniture is a favorite spot for pet hair to collect. Throw on some rubber gloves and run your hands on the furniture. Again, the rubber attracts pet hair so that you can clean the furniture with ease.

Cleaning Wooden Furniture

If you have wooden furniture, clean it with an anti-static dusting spray. This will remove the hair that’s currently there and increase the time before hair collects again. Eventually, the anti-static properties will wear out, and you’ll have to dust again, but it will give you a much-needed break.

Cleaning Curtains

Pet hair often winds up on curtains. It’s not always visible, but it can still wreak havoc on your allergies. Fortunately, you can clean it with a dry sponge. Just rub the sponge over the curtains, and the hair will fall. You can avoid making a mess by cleaning the curtains outside. After, you can hang them back up when they are free of pet hair.

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Grooming Your Way to a Hair-free Home

Cleaning up hair is a part of being a pet parent, but you can reduce shedding by regularly grooming your pet. Keep in mind that pets shed the most in the middle of spring and fall. You’ll want to brush your furry friends daily during these seasons to limit shedding.

When you combine a regular grooming schedule with these cleaning tips, you can take the stress out of living with a pet. Reducing the amount of hair on the floors and furniture makes it easier to focus on the joy your furry friend provides.