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Have The Best Road Trip With These Tips

Vintage style country highway in USA, travel adventure concept.
Summer isn't over yet, and if you're planning to head out on a road trip to soak up the last rays of the summer sun, these tips will help you make it the best trip yet. Clean and Organize A road trip means that you'll be in a fairly small space for... [read more]

Kayaking 101 Tips

Senior couple kayaking in a lake
From the Upper James River Water Trail to the Pigg River Blueway, the Roanoke area is full of opportunities for kayaking. If you’ve never gone before, you might be worried about getting in the water. Let’s go over some basic kayaking tips, so your first adventure will be a blast. How... [read more]

Keep Your Vehicle Cool This Summer

Finger pressing engine start button on car.
Temperatures are rising, which means it’s time to prepare your car for the summer. From checking the coolant level to preparing for emergencies, there are various steps you can take to protect yourself and your vehicle. Let’s go over some top car care tips for the summer months. Check Your Coolant... [read more]

Prepare For Your Next Summer Road Trip With The Fam

Close up of a young family packing up for a road trip
If you’re a parent, you know that planning for a road trip goes beyond choosing a destination. You need to take some additional steps to ensure the ride goes smoothly. From keeping the kids fed and hydrated to providing entertainment, these tips will help you prepare for your next summer... [read more]

Must-Have Shoes If You Play Tennis

Young man playing tennis, close up photo.
It takes a lot of practice and training to go head-to-head with others on the tennis court. You also need the right equipment, including shoes, and so many factors play into choosing the right pair. You have to consider the weight, flexibility, support, and durability, not to mention the comfort.... [read more]

Car Won’t Start? Keep These Tips Handy

Man hand pressing car start and stop button.
There are certain things in life that people take for granted, including a car starting after turning the key or engaging the push-button ignition. That’s why it’s such a shock when nothing happens. Go over common reasons your car won’t start and find out if you can fix it at... [read more]

Easy Ways To Control Pet Hair In Your Home

Maine coon cat grooming and lying on white bed
You love your furry companion, but you could do without the pet hair. It seems like you spend most of your time cleaning up fallen fur, and even so, it’s still on your floors and furniture. Fortunately, it’s possible to control pet hair in your home. Follow these tips so... [read more]

Upgrade Your Home Office With These Ideas

Young business woman working from home office.
Could your home office use a bit of a refresh after more than a year of use? Though offices do need to be a functional space that helps your workflow, a good home office space also reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable. Use these tips to take your... [read more]

Keep Up The Focus With These Playlists

Cropped shot of a young woman ironing her washed clothes at home
Staying focused on any task right now seems downright impossible. If you’re in need of help focusing on everything from work assignments to doing your laundry, then try picking out a playlist to underscore your task. A little bit of music can help the time pass by quickly. If listening... [read more]

Cut Your Grocery Spending In Half With This Guide

Stocked kitchen pantry with food - pasta, buckwheat, rice and sugar .
Aren't we all trying to save money? While we don’t get to decide how much some of our monthly expenses are, there are a couple we can fully control. Your grocery bill is one of the few that is fully within your power. If you’re looking to save money at... [read more]