Prepare For Your Next Summer Road Trip With The Fam

Close up of a young family packing up for a road trip

If you’re a parent, you know that planning for a road trip goes beyond choosing a destination. You need to take some additional steps to ensure the ride goes smoothly. From keeping the kids fed and hydrated to providing entertainment, these tips will help you prepare for your next summer road trip with your family. 

Pack Snacks in Reusable Containers

There are two sentences that parents hate to hear on a road trip. The first is, “Are we there yet?,” and the second is, “I’m hungry.” While you can’t make the destination magically appear in front of you, you can provide snacks to keep your kids satiated. Fill reusable containers with kid-friendly items like cheese and crackers and sandwiches. You might want to add some sweet treats into the mix. Pack reusable water bottles as well so your little ones can wash down the food.

Create an Activity Bag

The time in the car will fly by when your kids have access to an activity bag. Fill the bag with things they’ll love, such as card games, crayons, coloring books, and small toys. You can also get a small LEGO travel set for your kiddos to put together during the trip.

Bring Movies Along for the Ride

Watching movies is another way to make time fly by. If your vehicle has a DVD player, you can bring your kids’ favorite titles along and switch the movies out as needed. If not, have a portable DVD player with some top films, or add some movies to your tablet. Then, the kids can watch as you travel.

When your kids watch movies, you can relax a bit during the trip. Bring headphones for the kids so you can enjoy some quiet time while they watch.

Create a Playlist

If you’re traveling very far, you could run into areas that don’t have good radio reception. That’s fine if the kids are watching movies, but otherwise, you’ll want to listen to some tunes. Create a playlist on your phone that you can play on the vehicle. You can also consider getting satellite radio since it works throughout the country.

Build a First Aid Kit

It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand when traveling with your family. Create a small first aid kit with the essentials, including band-aids, gauze pads, and antibiotic ointment. Remember to refill the items if you use any of them.

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Bring Extra Charging Cords

Bring extra charging cords so you can keep phones and tablets charged throughout the trip. Have enough cords to allow multiple family members to charge their electronics at once. That way, you can avoid the meltdowns that tend to happen when electronics run out of juice.

Follow these tips to ensure you have a fantastic trip with your family. By preparing for the journey ahead of time, you can avoid mishaps and focus on family fun.

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