Upgrade Your Home Office With These Ideas

Young business woman working from home office.

Could your home office use a bit of a refresh after more than a year of use? Though offices do need to be a functional space that helps your workflow, a good home office space also reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable. Use these tips to take your home office to the next level!

Go Old School

Literally – ditch the whiteboard (or sticky note collection!) and opt for a chalkboard instead. If you have space, you can use chalkboard paint to make an entire wall your chalkboard, but you could also section off part of a wall for your DIY chalkboard.

Go Green

Plants have been shown to improve our moods, so make sure that you have some leafy green friends in your home office! If your office doesn’t have a lot of natural light, Pothos and Snake plants do extremely well in low-light situations. Plus, they’re very resistant to over- or under-watering!

Personality, Please!

Adding a few touches that are unique to you and your style will add tons of personality to your workspace. Do you have a collection of antique plates you could display? How about a gallery wall of your favorite wall hangings and art pieces? When in doubt, a funky desk lamp and a few framed vintage advertisements (maybe relating to your line of work?) will go a long way!

Streamlined And Modern

There’s a reason so many office furnishings are clean and modern – it reduces the visual “clutter” and can meet multiple needs at once. Look for office furniture that has lots of built-in storage to keep paper and supplies off of your desk.

Add A Pop

Similar to adding unique and funky pieces that showcase your personality, adding a pop of color can really transform your office! Look for a colorful item that has a big impact like your desk chair or a storage ottoman that will instantly brighten your space.

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Clean And Tidy

Between papers, sticky notes, empty coffee mugs, and tangled cords, it’s quite easy for your workspace to accumulate clutter by the time 5:00 rolls around. To combat this, take five minutes at the end of the workday to remove any dishes, hide unsightly cords, and generally tidy the space so that you’re ready to roll with a clean environment tomorrow morning.

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