Classic French Baguette Sandwiches You Need To Try

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Baguette sandwiches are a staple of French cuisine, but you don’t have to travel to Paris to chow down on them. Instead, try these classic French baguette sandwich recipes. These sandwiches provide a delicious taste of France from the comfort of home.

How to Make Jambon Beurre

The Jambon Beurre is the most popular of the French baguettes. Referred to as a ham and butter baguette, it’s dripping with flavors. You’ll need:

  • One fresh and crusty baguette
  • Three tablespoons of high-quality softened butter such as grass-fed or salted cultured butter
  • A half-pound of sliced French-style ham
  • A half-pound of Emmental cheese, hand-sliced into triangles

First, you need to cut the baguette in half. Get as close to slicing through it as you can while still keeping it attached, and then open it.

Put ample butter on both sides of the baguette. Then add the ham and cheese and close the sandwich. Press it down, and then cut it up into two or three baguettes if you want to share.

How to Make Chevre Tomate

If you have tomato and cheese on your mind, you’ll love this Chevre Tomate baguette recipe. The recipe calls for:

  • One fresh and crusty baguette
  • Two ripe tomatoes
  • A third of a pound of bloomy rind goat cheese
  • A third of a pound of French-style ham (optional)
  • A half teaspoon of herbes de Provence
  • A small handful of fresh arugula (optional)
  • Two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil (optional)

You’ll begin by slicing the baguette, just as you did with the Jambon Beurre recipe. If you decide to use olive oil, drizzle it on both sides of the baguette.

Then cut both tomatoes in half and slice the goat cheese. Begin by slicing the goat cheese into thin rounds. Then cut it again, so the pieces resemble half-moons.

If you are adding arugula and ham to your baguette, place both in the sandwich now. Then you’ll want to add tomato and goat cheese, making sure to place them in layers so you’ll get some of each with every bite.

Then finish it off by sprinkling herbes de Provence on the sandwich. After that, you need to close it, press it down, and cut it up so everyone can have a piece.

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A Word About Ingredients

You’ve likely noticed that these sandwiches don’t have many ingredients. That’s the French way. Many of the most popular dishes in France aren’t loaded with ingredients. Instead, they focus on quality over quantity. That means you should buy the highest quality ingredients you can.

Head to the grocery store and pick up what you need for these tasty sandwiches. They are so simple to make, and they taste as if they came from a café in France.

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