Fresh Coffee In Roanoke

Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea

Let’s be honest for a second. Your coffee pot doesn’t deliver delicious brews. Sure, you can get a caffeinated jolt at home, but it lacks the flavor you crave. Get the perfect cup of coffee at Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea in Roanoke. You’ll love everything about this place, from the caffeinated options to the comfortable space.

The Place to Get an Espresso, Latte, or Specialty Drink

Let’s talk coffee. It’s hard to find a good brew. Some coffee shops have bitter tasting coffee, while others make coffee that is so weak you practically feel like you’re drinking hot water. Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea manages to find that caffeinated sweet spot. Each sip is full of flavor and delicious, and you’ll find yourself downing your cup.

There isn’t a bad item on the menu, but there are some standout offerings. First, there is the espresso. The espresso shots here are absolutely divine. While other places burn the milk and ruin the taste, the espresso is perfectly prepared here.

Oh, and the lattes. You can be the pickiest latte drinker in Virginia, and you’ll still be impressed, especially with the brown sugar latte. This is a seasonal specialty drink, so get it while you can.

Tasty Food

You might come for the coffee, but don’t miss the chance to grab a bite to eat while you’re here. If you come early, you absolutely must get the French toast. It comes with sausage, bacon, or eggs, and it has the right amount of sweetness.

Plan to come for lunch or dinner? Then, it’s chicken salad all the way. The craisins and red onions make this the perfect meal.

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The Perfect Hangout Spot

When you come here, you won’t want to just grab your coffee or food and make a break for it. You’ll want to stay awhile. The inside is quiet and quaint, and it’s normal to see people studying or hanging out with their buds. If you have some work to do, be sure to bring your laptop since it has free Wi-Fi.

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