How To Clean Up Leaves In Your Yard

Pile of fall leaves with fan rake on lawn

Autumn paints nature in a beautiful tapestry of colors. From golden yellows to deep crimsons, it’s the perfect time to take long walks and enjoy cozy evenings. However, for homeowners, it also means it’s time for the annual leaf cleanup in the yard. With leaves blanketing your lawn, pathways, and even your roof, keeping your outdoors tidy becomes a bit challenging. Here are some efficient tips from Family Handyman to make this chore more manageable and effective.

Find the Right Rake

Your rake is your best companion during this leaf-fall season. The choice of rake matters significantly. Choose a rake with a wide fan-shaped head and comfortable grip. A rake with adjustable tines can be beneficial for raking around shrubs and plants without causing damage. The better the rake, the more ground you can cover in a single pass, saving you time and energy.

Leaf Collection Made Easy

While the typical method might be to rake leaves into plastic trash bags, consider using a Bagger Bag. These bags are specifically designed for collecting garden waste and are often more durable than regular trash bags. They can stand upright, allowing you to rake leaves directly into them, and come with handles for easy transport. If you’re dealing with a large volume of leaves, using a tarp is another efficient method. Spread out the tarp, rake the leaves onto it, and then gather the corners for easy leaf disposal. This method reduces the need for multiple bags and allows for bulk transport.

Cleaning Your Roof

Leaves don’t only settle on the ground. Over time, they accumulate on roofs and can potentially clog gutters, leading to water damage. A leaf blower is a great tool to clear these areas, especially if it comes with an extension. For those who might not have a blower, attaching a broom to a long pole can also do the trick. Remember to always prioritize safety when working on or around the roof. Use a sturdy ladder, and consider wearing slip-resistant shoes.

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Keeping a Stone Areas Clean

Stone mulch areas can be tricky. Leaves caught between the stones are not only unsightly but can also trap moisture and encourage weed growth. One effective way to tackle this is by using a leaf blower on a low setting, directing the airflow to sweep the leaves off the stones. Alternatively, a light raking with a garden rake can also help dislodge and gather the leaves without disturbing the stones too much.

While autumn leaves can pose a challenge to the neatness of our yards, with the right tools and techniques, cleanup can be efficient and even enjoyable. Embrace the season and the beauty it brings, and with these tips in mind, your yard will remain pristine through the fall.

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