Improve Your Kids’ Studying

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With the school year back in full swing, it’s time to ensure your kids are prepared to get good grades this year. The school day can be long and tiring, especially if your child is involved in extracurriculars, and by the time you get home, your kids will still have to finish their homework or study for the next test. Check out these helpful tips by Prodigy to improve and maximize your child’s study time. Kids may need help staying focused, or the coursework is a bit difficult; these tips can help your child stay productive this school year.

Studying Tips For Kids

  1. Eliminate Distraction – Some children struggle with multitasking, so helping them maintain concentration and focus can be beneficial for them to complete any project. If your child has an electronic device, consider removing it until they finish their schoolwork. Set up a designated homework space away from the TV to eliminate noise.
  2. Set A Fixed Time For Studying – If your child is busy with extracurriculars, then ensuring you have a set time for studying is essential. Setting study times may be the only way to ensure your child gets adequate study hours.
  3. Set Regular But Short Breaks – If your child is getting overwhelmed or has a study block, then set up short breaks to step away from their work and let your brain relax before finishing the work. Some break ideas include grabbing a snack, stretching, or walking.
  4. Stay Involved – Your child may struggle with procrastination, so if you stay involved in their study habits, they won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of homework that needs to be accomplished. This also helps you stay involved in what your child is learning so you can prepared to help whenever they need it.
  5. Make A Plan – If your child has an event they have to attend or a big test coming up, then make a plan to help them prepare. Don’t wait for the last 24 hours to finish a project or cram for a test; take it one day at a time so your child is prepared. If there is a test on Friday and you know that your child has a ball game on Thursday night, then encourage them to study Monday through Wednesday.

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Improve Your Kids Study Skills Today

Your child’s success starts at home, and by establishing good study habits, you can help your child be prepared for the school year. Helpful studying habits include balancing self-care, time management, and setting goals. Make sure you and your child reassess each day so you can prepare for the next day; this also helps your child with stress and feeling overwhelmed. You can discuss their struggles so you and your child can plan accordingly. Being flexible with your child’s needs is essential to helping your child stay prepared this year. You should also praise your child whenever they accomplish a goal, no matter how small.

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