Utilize Your Air Fryer To Make Some Incredibly Tasty Pizza

Man preparing pizza to bake

This recipe further convinced us that you really can make anything with the help of an air fryer! Stop buying frozen pizzas when you’re in need of a quick and easy dinner, and start making pizzas in your air fryer instead. Each pizza ends up being about the size of a personal pizza, so everyone can put exactly what they want on it. No more fighting over toppings, now you can make pizza exactly the way you want it. Plus, air fryer pizzas cook quickly and have that perfect crispy crust that can be hard to recreate in a normal oven. Grab your air fryer and get ready to whip up this delicious pizza recipe.

Pizza Ingredients

You only need four ingredients, plus whatever you’d like, plus the toppings of your choice. Grab some pizza dough, olive oil, tomato sauce, and buffalo mozzarella. If you’d like, grab toppings such as fresh basil, pepper flakes, or parmesan cheese.

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If this is your first time making an air fryer pizza, you may have not thought about how to assemble it. If your air fryer has a top opening, you’ll need to assemble the pizza in the air fryer. Roll out your pizza dough and place it inside, then continue with the rest of the ingredients. If you have an air fryer that opens on the front, then you’ll be able to assemble it outside of the air fryer.

Now you’re ready to get started. Preheat your air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and spray the basket with oil so it doesn’t stick. Next, roll out your pizza dough to the size of your air fryer basket, or even a little bit smaller. Place your dough into the basket and brush it with olive oil. Spread out your tomato sauce and place your buffalo mozzarella chunks on the pizza.

Set a timer for about seven minutes or until the crust appears crispy and the cheese is melted. Now, top with your favorite toppings, and enjoy!