New Year, New Home Décor

Young woman with hearing aid, during reconstruction of apartment, enjoying while painting her walls

Making resolutions isn’t the only way to change things in 2023. If you’re tired of your home’s décor, do something about it. After all, with a new year comes new home décor, right? Especially after all the hard work you put in during the holidays, you’ll need something to do.

Get Better Organized

This doesn’t mean picking up clutter or straightening clothes in the closet but making changes so that you can live a more organized life. First, look at different storage products online. You’ll discover hundreds of incredible options. Second, choose a specific part of your house that you want to organize. Third, go to work.

Add Pops of Color

If your home looks a little bit drabby, try adding pops of color. For this, you can choose whatever you like or go with a color that’s currently trending. For instance, you could place colorful pillows on your sofa, add a colorful centerpiece to the dining room table, or place a colorful run in the family room. The change will surprise and inspire you.

Use Greenery in Your Home

You don’t need to have a “green thumb” to keep indoor plants alive. It’s more about choosing a hardy plant. Using greenery throughout your home will accomplish several things. For instance, it’ll brighten areas. In addition, green plants improve air quality. With so many possibilities, you can select green plants that coordinate with the décor and style of your home.

Mix Things Up

Many people grew up believing that everything in their home should match or fall within the same décor category. Well, that rule’s gone out the window. Today, even reputable interior designers use a mixture of colors, patterns, and textures. This creates a unique look. Not only that, but it’s also fun.

Don’t Shy Away from Wallpaper

The kind of wallpaper sold today is nothing like what people bought 20 years ago. For one thing, it’s higher quality yet still affordable. In addition, it’s much easier to apply to the walls. Instead of spending an entire day changing the appearance of a bedroom, you can complete a wallpapering project in hours.

Update Light Fixtures

Most people don’t realize how updating a light fixture transforms a room. Again, start by looking at many different possibilities. Then, select a fixture that’ll work for a specific room. After all, this is a great opportunity for you to choose something that’s outside the norm.

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Consider Non-Traditional Furniture

Rather than traditional furniture, add a few non-traditional furniture pieces to your home. For this, look at local thrift and antique stores. You want something that’ll become a conversation piece. However, you also want functional pieces.

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