Winter Weather Brings New Skincare Challenges

Close up of a woman hand hydrating skin applying cream in winter

You know it’s important to wear sunscreen when spending time outdoors in the summer. That’s because UV rays can cause serious damage. However, many things can also harm the skin in the winter. For that reason, you need to know how to overcome some of the most common winter skincare challenges.

Winter Skincare Challenges

In addition to the sun’s RV rays, these things can wreak havoc on your skin during the winter.

  • Wind
  • Dry Air
  • Cold Temperatures

Just one of these is enough to cause irritation, flakiness, dryness, dull appearance, and more. However, you’ll likely experience all of them. That’s why you need to take the appropriate steps to not only protect your skin but also make it radiate. Here are some helpful tips that’ll make a significant difference.

Avoid Harsh Facial Cleansers

Especially in the winter, pay close attention to the ingredients in the facial cleanser you use. After all, many products contain alcohol, which makes the skin even drier. Instead, buy a calming cleanser. It’ll still remove dirt and grim from both the skin’s pores and surface. However, it’ll work gently while also hydrating the skin.

Use a Richer Skin Moisturizer

While you need to moisturize your skin throughout the year, it’s even more important in the winter. This type of moisturizer works great, especially if you have extra dry skin. Whether you use a topical lotion or cream, select a product formulated with hyaluronic acid or another effective hydrating ingredient.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate Your Skin

You may think that exfoliating the skin in the winter would only make things worse. However, that’s not the case. The key is to choose a gentle exfoliating product. As a result, it’ll slough off dead and flaky skin without irritating it. For even better winter skincare, go with a product that contains glycolic acid.

Use a Facemask to Hydrate Your Skin

You’ll want to add this to your daily winter skincare regimen. Although it benefits almost everyone, it’s particularly great for anyone with blackouts. Again, always choose the right product. In this case, you’ll need a facemask that’s made with hydrating ingredients, such as ceramides or vitamin E.

Your Lips Also Need Protection

Winter and chapped lips go hand-in-hand. If not properly cared for, they become cracked, red, and sore. So, remember to protect your lips this winter too. Here’s a great tip. Instead of buying chapstick, purchase lip balm made with essential nutrients. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately after applying it.

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Take Care of All Your Skin

In the winter, you’re bundled up in warm clothes and a coat. That means most of your skin has some protection. Therefore, you might focus the most on your face while neglecting the rest of your body. During the winter, all of your skin needs a little pampering. A quality hydrating moisturizer will protect your skin and make it smooth and silky.

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