Our Ultimate Turkey Day Checklist

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If you plan to host Thanksgiving dinner at your home, you want to make it a memorable day for everyone. Therefore, you can’t wake up the morning of the holiday and expect to throw together the perfect dinner and festivities. This is because a gathering of this significance requires a lot of planning and thought. Here are some helpful tips to ease your stress and put everything in place for a successful day.

Invite People Over

As the host of Thanksgiving dinner, you should give the guests you invite plenty of notice. This is particularly true of people who live out of town and need to make travel preparations. For instance, it’s best to send out Thanksgiving invitations about three weeks before. Ask for an RSVP so you have a headcount and can make enough food accordingly.

Plan the Menu

When you know how many people are coming to dinner, take a look at your budget. Make sure you purchase the necessary food and other supplies for the meal. Then you can then purchase the ingredients to make your Thanksgiving food. It’s better to buy and make more food than you need than not to have enough. Also, don’t be afraid of trying some new items this year.

Start Some Deep Cleaning

You want to provide a clean, comfortable atmosphere for everyone at dinner. If there’s ever a time to deep clean your home, this is it. A week or two before the holiday, start cleaning the linens and silverware. As the day comes closer, dust tables and furniture, vacuum thoroughly, and clean the windows. Hit every nook and cranny of your home, so it looks immaculate.

Get the Turkey in Plenty of Time

Like most people in Roanoke, VA, you’re probably cooking a turkey for dinner. Importantly, purchase this about two weeks before Thanksgiving. After all, it takes at least a few days to thaw. Furthermore, grocery stores will be crowded with people looking for the same things you are. For a good selection, buy the turkey well in advance. Don’t forget to transfer the turkey from the freezer to the fridge so it can thaw and be ready to cook on the big day.

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Get Out the Decorations

A couple of days before you host Thanksgiving, it’ll be time to decorate. Arrange your centerpieces and display any other décor you want to highlight the holiday. Don’t wait until the morning of the holiday to do this. Otherwise, you’ll be scrambling.

Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of steps and hard work. You break up your tasks by starting early. These are just a few tips you need to follow to be ready to entertain guests. Make sure you do these, so your get-together is enjoyable.

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