Try These Side Dishes At Your Next Backyard BBQ

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There is nothing like a BBQ during the summertime. Your family and friends gather together for a fun-filled afternoon. You can spend time by the pool or the lake as well as play plenty of games. Then there is the food to savor and enjoy. Of course, there is the main course, but a BBQ would not be a BBQ without the scrumptious sides. Try these side dishes at your next backyard BBQ.

BBQ Baked Beans

Baked beans are a BBQ staple, and you don’t have to open a can of store bought beans the next time you want to serve a crowd, because this recipe is well worth the prep time. Several different kinds of beans can suit this recipe, from pinto to Great Northern, but you can’t go wrong with the classic navy beans. In addition to your beans of choice, you’ll need yellow onion, green bell pepper, bacon, brown sugar, BBQ sauce, and yellow mustard. Once you’ve cooked and removed the bacon from a Dutch oven, use some of its drippings to cook the diced vegetables, then add the other ingredients to simmer together for about an hour.

Street Corn

If you want something you can whip together once you’ve already started grilling, this elote, or grilled Mexican street corn recipe will make it easy to add some vegetables to the mix. The corn is typically served with a flavorful sauce. You can make the sauce in a flash before the corn goes on the grill. The sauce features cheese (cotija or feta), mayo, sour cream, cilantro, garlic, and dried chile like ancho or guajillo powder. This will all need to be mixed together and set aside while you grill the corn. When the corn is fully cooked, roll it in a bowl of the sauce to coat it evenly. To garnish the elote, you can sprinkle on a little more powdered chile and crumbled cheese. Serve some lime wedges along side the street corn so that your guests can add some citrus if they choose.

Berry Fruit Salad

How about something a little sweet and a little tart? This berry fruit salad has it all, and could be served as a salad, side, or dessert. It’s packed with fresh fruit, while a salad dressing adds more sweetness without overpowering the variety of flavors at play in this dish. For the right texture and taste, remember to use fresh fruit and berries, and feel free to experiment by swapping out the fruit each time you make this salad.

You’ll need a melon like honeydew or cantaloupe, pineapple, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, seedless grapes, limes, honey, and mint. Chop the melon, oranges, and pineapple, then mix them in a bowl with the berries. To make the dressing, whisk orange juice, lime juice, and honey together, then drizzle it over the salad. Finally, sprinkle on some chopped mint leaves and give the fruit salad a good toss to combine everything.

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