Visit Mill Mountain Zoo This Month

Mill Mountain Zoo

It’s never been such a good time to visit the Mill Mountain Zoo. The animals are ready to play, and there are some cool events going on. With so much to do, make your plans and get ready for a day of family (and furry) fun.

Here are a couple of things you won’t want to miss.

Go to an Event

The zoo is always fun in March, but this year, it’s taking the fun to the next level, thanks to some cool events.

The Spring Fling is also coming up. It’ll be on March 24, and it’s going to be wild. There will be all kinds of spring-related activities, such as face painting and crafts. You can also walk around the zoo and look at the animals. Your kids love the zoo already, but they’ll really love it if they can get their face painted before exploring the grounds.

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Attend a Keeper Chat

The zoo is famous for its keeper chats. While some zoos keep a distance between the keepers and the visitors, the Mill Mountain Zoo is all about bringing people together. The chat times change every day, so you can’t get a schedule too far in advance. Call to get the schedule before you arrive or stop by Guest Services when you get to the zoo and ask when the chats will be. You will watch the animals get fed, and the keeper will answer questions. Your kids will learn so much about the animals during these chats. Oh, and you’ll learn quite a bit too.

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