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Learn About The Animals Of Mill Mountain Zoo

Group of four attentive Oriental small-clawed otters
Nature can be beautiful, and it can also be wild. Fortunately, you don’t have to go trekking into the wilderness to get a glimpse of some of earth’s fascinating creatures, because they’re right here in Roanoke at the Mill Mountain Zoo! Mammals Mill Mountain Zoo is home to a diverse collection of... [read more]

Meet The Critters Of Mill Mountain Zoo

Kid feeding macaw parrot in tropical zoo
Finding the perfect way to spend some time this summer shouldn’t be difficult. The Mill Mountain Zoo of Roanoke has an impressive collection of exciting, intriguing animals. Visitors of all ages can enjoy exploring the zoo and learning more about familiar animals and those they didn’t know much about before.... [read more]

Get Closer To Nature At The Mill Mountain Zoo

girls pointing at python in terrarium
While you might glimpse a wild animal or two when hiking on a secluded trail, that’s not even close to what you’ll experience at the Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke. Animal encounters on the trails can be frightening, but the zoo provides a safe, controlled environment for connecting with wildlife.... [read more]

Night Howls At Mill Mountain Zoo

Night howls
Do you ever wonder what goes on at the zoo when the sun goes down? You can find out by attending Night Howls at the Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke. This event takes place on the third Thursday of the month from now until February, so the next one will... [read more]

You Won’t Want To Miss Zoo Boo At Mill Mountain Zoo

Zoo Boo
Lions, and tigers, and bears, and…candy? It must be time for Zoo Boo at the Mill Mountain Zoo! This year’s festivities will be on Oct. 27 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., so stop by and enjoy hours of safe Halloween fun. You don’t even have to pay extra for... [read more]

Enjoy Breakfast With The Animals At Mill Mountain Zoo

Breakfast With The Animals
You love the zoo, and you love to eat breakfast. What do you get when you put them together? Breakfast with the Animals at the Mill Mountain Zoo. This event takes place on the third Saturday of the month from May through October, so there are two events left this... [read more]

Visit Mill Mountain Zoo This Month

Mill Mountain Zoo
It’s never been such a good time to visit the Mill Mountain Zoo. The animals are ready to play, and there are some cool events going on. With so much to do, make your plans and get ready for a day of family (and furry) fun. Here are a couple of... [read more]