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Salem Museum

Do you ever feel like you want to learn more about your local community? After all, you love calling the area you call home, and it’s always fun to get more information about where you live. Whether you want to learn more about the history of the area, want to meet new people who live in your community, or just want to get involved in new and exciting activities, the Salem Museum is the place to go. There’s always something going on here, which makes it an ideal place to go on the weekend, when you have a day off work, or whenever there’s a special event. Check out just some of the exhibits you can expect when you visit the museum.

Pre-Salem: What Was Here Before 1802?

Ever wanted to know what the area was like before it actually became Salem? That time wasn’t that long ago, and you can learn all about it at the Pre-Salem: What Was Here Before 1802 exhibit. You’ll learn about the Native Americans who called this land their home and what happened to them. Plus, you’ll get an inside look at the pioneers who changed the area’s landscape and history forever.

Seven Lives, One Hometown

One of the best ways to learn about an area is to learn about the people who have lived there, and you can do just that when you check out the Seven Lives, One Hometown exhibit. This incredible exhibit gives you information about the lives of seven important people who called Salem home. This gives you an inside look into what they experienced living in the town and their stories that date back 210 years. Understanding more about the people who lived here in the past will give you a new outlook on the present – and maybe even for the future.

The Fiery Ordeal Through Which They Passed: Salem and the Civil War

The Civil War was a dark time in United States history, and you can learn more about how Salem and the Roanoke County played a role when you check out The Fiery Ordeal Through Which They Passed: Salem and the Civil War exhibit. You’re going to learn so much about Salem’s active role in the war and how it became such an important place for both sides during the war.

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Salem’s Attic: Amazing Artifacts From Our Archive

Do you want to see some interesting artifacts from the past? You have to check out Salem’s Attic: Amazing Artifacts From Our Archive.

Take the time to plan a trip to this museum today!