10 Rainy Day Activities For The Kids

little girl enjoying a cupcake

Do your kids get a little down in the dumps when it’s raining? They might love playing outside, but you can make the indoors just as fun with these rainy day activities for kids. In fact, instead of saying, “Rain, rain, go away,” you’ll find them asking, “Can I stay inside and play?”

1.      Play Board Games

You likely have fond memories of playing board games with your family and friends as a kid. Let your kids make some memories of their own by breaking out your favorite board games during rainy days.

2.      Tackle a Puzzle

You can also enjoy some old-school entertainment by putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Instead of sitting down and working the puzzle all day, consider putting it on a table and letting everyone contribute when they want.

3.      Make Cupcakes

If your kiddos love sweet treats, you can spend a rainy day making cupcakes together. First, look through some cupcake recipes, and then try your hand at making the delicious treats from scratch.

4.      Go Camping Inside

You might not be able to sleep outdoors when it’s raining, but you can bring the camping experience inside. First, set up a tent for sleeping. Then you can enjoy other camping activities, such as making s’mores.

5.      Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

You don’t need warm air and sunshine to go on a scavenger hunt. Instead, create a list of items your kids can find in the house, and then let them race to be the first to mark the items off the list.

6.      Play Would You Rather

You can spend the next rainy day howling with laughter by playing Would You Rather with your kids. Come up with kid-friendly questions, such as “Would you rather sing in front of your classmates or dance in front of strangers?” Print the questions out and get ready for a fun day with the kiddos.

7.      Read to the Kids

Instead of hiding away with a book when it’s raining, invite the kids to join you. Then you can read some of their favorite titles to them or introduce them to something new. You can also put on an audiobook for the entire family to enjoy.

8.      Write Letters

With the emergence of cell phones, letter writing has become an almost forgotten form of communication. But you can change that the next time it’s raining outside. Take out paper and writing utensils and have everyone write to a friend or family member. Then you can mail the letters and wait to see if you get anything back. Don’t worry if your kids are too young to write. They can illustrate the letters for you.

9.      Play Word Games

You can help your kids stay mentally stimulated by playing word games on rainy days. Mad Libs is a perfect example of a fun word game for kids. And it’ll bring you back to your childhood as you listen to your kids fire off words to fill in the blanks.

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10. Have a Talent Show

Your kids can show their special skills by participating in a talent show at your house. From singing and dancing to reading stories, they can choose a special skill to show off to the family.

When you add these activities to the itinerary, the rainy days will fly by. Then your kids will forget all about the rain and focus on the fun.

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