Pantry Staples You’ll Want On Your Autumn Grocery List

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As the leaves begin to turn and the crisp autumn air brushes your cheeks, your palate starts to crave the warm and cozy flavors of fall. Making sure your pantry is stocked with the right ingredients can make whipping up autumnal treats a breeze. To put together a shopping list that matches everything you need for your fall kitchen, take a look at this list from Farm Flavor. Whether you’re planning savory dinners or sweet treats, having these staples on hand will ensure you’re ready to embrace the culinary joys of the season.


Fall is synonymous with hearty dishes that stick to your ribs. And grains are the backbone of many such dishes. Think of grains like quinoa, which can be added to soups or stews for an extra dose of protein. Rice, too, can be an excellent base for risottos flavored with mushrooms and seasonal veggies. And don’t forget the old-fashioned oats – perfect for warm oatmeal on chilly mornings or baked into delicious oatmeal cookies.


Nothing says comfort quite like a bowl of pasta. Consider stocking up on varieties that can hold sauces well. Shapes like penne, rigatoni, and rotini are versatile and can be paired with rich tomato sauces, creamy concoctions, or simply tossed in garlic and olive oil. For the gluten-sensitive folks, there are numerous gluten-free pasta options available that still offer that autumnal comfort.

Canned Goods

Every pantry needs canned goods. They last for the whole season and beyond and are often easier to add to a recipe than their fresh or dried counterparts. One of the canned goods every panty needs is beans. Beans, with their versatility and nutritional benefits, are indispensable, especially when you’re in the mood for a hearty chili or a comforting bean soup.

Pumpkin, on the other hand, isn’t just a staple for pies; it can be incorporated into soups, breads, and even smoothies, adding a delightful seasonal twist. Coconut milk stands out as the ideal ingredient for curries and offers a creamy base for vegan dessert alternatives. To elevate your breakfast, jams and chutneys can be spread on your morning toast, or they can add a delightful touch to cheese boards. And let’s not forget broth and stock, the fundamental base for numerous soups and sauces, with options ranging from chicken and beef to vegetables, allowing you to choose based on your culinary preference.

Baking Essentials

As far as baking goes, flour reigns supreme. As the quintessential baking staple, flour is vital for crafting cakes, cookies, and a plethora of other delicacies. Baking soda plays a pivotal role, ensuring that baked treats achieve the perfect rise. Cocoa powder on the other hand is your go-to when a chocolatey craving strikes. And, of course, baking powder, another leavening agent, is essential for many baking recipes, making sure they turn out just right.

Dried fruits can be integrated into muffins or sprinkled over oatmeal for a burst of natural sweetness. Marshmallows serve as the ideal complement to a steaming cup of hot cocoa. They can also be a sumptuous topping for sweet potato casseroles.

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Spices and Herbs

If you plan on baking up some goodness, you’ll need a few spices and herbs to add flavor. Nutmeg adds warmth to baked goods and lattes, while vanilla’s rich aroma enhances most desserts. Allspice brings depth to pies and spice cakes, and turmeric offers a golden touch and unique flavor to curries and stews. Coriander’s citrusy hint is perfect for marinades, and curry provides a spicy kick. Lastly, cardamom’s aromatic sweetness suits both savory dishes and desserts.

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