10 Ways To Do Date Night At Home This Year

Portrait of young couple eating a heart chocolate cookie.

Setting aside a night each week to spend time with your significant other is important for your relationship. You don’t always have the time or energy to go out, though. Fortunately, you have a fun date night at home. First, check out 10 ways to do date night at home this year, and then make plans.

1.      Relive Your Wedding

You can turn up the romance on date night by reliving your wedding. First, grab some cupcakes and take out your wedding album. Then, spend the evening reliving the special day. Also, if you have a wedding video, put it on while reminiscing.

2.      Play Spouse Scattergories

Did you ever play Scattergories as a kid? If so, you know how much fun that game is. However, you might not realize there’s a free, printable Spouse Scattergories game. After you print it off, you can challenge your significant other to a game to see how well you know each other.

3.      Elevate Movie Night

You can also watch a movie during date night, but don’t do it the normal way. Instead, get a Bluetooth projector and screen to turn your driveway or living room into a drive-in. Oh, and be sure to get some popcorn and candy to compete for the movie-theater experience.

4.      Go Star Gazing

If you want to spend time outside, grab a blanket and go stargazing. Before heading out, download a stargazing app for help identifying the constellations. Then, you can use the app while checking out the stars.

5.      Have a Chocolate Tasting

Do you want to splurge a bit? Buy some decadent chocolates you’ve never tried and have a tasting on date night. If possible, grab at least six options to try during date night.

6.      Have an Indoor Picnic

You can mix things up a bit by having an indoor picnic with your special someone. First, spread out a blanket on the floor and add some comfy pillows for extra support. Then, bring out a picnic basket full of goodies to devour. Finally, kick back, relax, and enjoy delicious food and outstanding company.

7.      Have a Fun Photo Session

You can turn your house into a photo studio for the night. Then, take fun and quirky pictures of each other. You’ll have lots of laughs and end up with some keepsakes when you do this, so get ready for some fun.

8.      Play Charades

Charade remains a popular party game because it’s so much fun. You might think you need a crowd to play, but you can enjoy a game of “All About Us” charades with your spouse. This free printable game was designed for couples, and you’re in for a lot of laughs when you play.

9.      Play Truth or Dare

You can take a trip down memory lane by playing Truth or Dare with your spouse. If you want a little direction, you can print a couple’s edition of the game.

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10. Turn Your Home Into an Escape Room

You can work together to solve a mystery by turning your house into an escape room. You can do a virtual escape room online or print an interactive escape game.

Now you’re ready to plan your next date night. Choose an item from the list and get ready for a memorable evening.

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