9 Tips To Clean Your Car Interior

cropped view of car cleaner vacuuming drivers seat in car

You spend a lot of time in your car, and you don’t want to be stuck with dirt and grime. While you might think you need to get your car professionally detailed, you can clean the interior yourself. Follow these nine steps for cleaning your car’s interior to make it sparkle and shine.

1.      Vacuum the Interior

Start by vacuuming the car’s interior. You need to run the car vacuum across the upholstery, floor mats, and carpet. Also, be sure to clear the cup holders. This is easy to do with the vacuum’s attachment.

2.      Clean the Door Jambs

Your door jambs can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime, so clean them next. You’ll want to use a microfiber cloth and a diluted all-purpose auto cleaner for this job. First, put some cleaning solution on the cloth and then wipe down the door jamb. Start with one section of the cloth and move to a new section when it gets dirty.

3.      Wipe the Hard Vinyl Areas

You’ll also use a diluted all-purpose auto cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean the hard vinyl surfaces inside your car. Most of the hard vinyl is easy to reach, but the space between the steering column and wheel can pose a challenge. Fortunately, it’s easy to rise to the challenge by sliding the cloth between the two to remove dust.

4.      Protect the Hard Vinyl

Once your hard vinyl is sparkling clean, you’ll need to add a protective coating. Use a microfiber cloth and satin-finish vinyl dressing for this. Then add the coating to all the hard vinyl surfaces except for the steering wheel since that will make it slick.

5.      Tackle the Cup Holders

You vacuumed the cup holders already, but there’s still more work to do. Now, you need to spray the space with a cleaning solution. Then scrub the cup holders with a brush to remove the gunk. Finally, take out a damp microfiber cloth to remove any excess dust.

6.      Clean the Glass

Your car’s interior won’t sparkle and shine until you clean the glass. First, get a microfiber cloth that is made to clean glass. Then clean the glass with the cloth and auto window cleaner.

7.      Clean Your Upholstery

The upholstery is next on your to-do list. This time, you can’t take a one-size-fits-all cleaning approach. Instead, you need to choose a cleaning product based on the type of upholstery you have. Use a leather or vinyl cleaner if applicable. However, if you have cloth upholstery, you can use a mixture of water and Tide Plus Bleach. Start with the water and add a small amount of the cleaner to form bubbles. Then clean the material with a scrub brush and the solution. Finally, spray it with clean water to rinse it, and then remove the moisture with a wet/dry vac.

8.      Clean the Floor Mats

Next, grab your floor mats and put them on the ground. Then use a scrub brush to work a soapy solution into grimy areas. Rinse the soap off the mats and let them air dry.

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9.      Clean the Carpet

Clean the carpet before you put the floor mats back in the vehicle. An auto carpet cleaner is great at tackling spots. However, if your carpet is in bad shape, it’s best to let a professional deep clean the carpets for you.

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