Dine In At Blue Apron Restaurant And Red Rooster Bar

You don’t have to hop a plane to France to enjoy haute French cuisine. You can have it right here at the Blue Apron Restaurant and Red Rooster Bar. The restaurant has a French country/cosmopolitan feel, and the food is to die for. Get the details and prepare for a culinary adventure.

A Constantly Revolving Menu

Restaurant menus sure can be boring. After you go to the same place several times, you can’t help but want something new. That’s never an issue at the Blue Apron Restaurant and Red Rooster Bar. The menu changes every six weeks, meaning you can constantly find something new when you dine here.

Owner Scott Switzer has selected top-notch chefs who expertly create these new menus every six weeks. As long as the chefs represent the brand, they have control over what they create. They take a great deal of pride in this and come up with some unique and delicious options.

Small Plates Equal More Tastes

When you dine here, you can get a normal sized plate or a small plate. Instead of getting a single large plate, get several small plates. This will let you work your way through the menu before it changes. It’s also neat to see how each meal is presented. Every detail is considered here, and you will be in awe.

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Amazing Servers

With so many changes, you might think the servers can end up lost from time to time, but that never happens here. No one really knows how they do it, but they are well-versed on the menu, even right after a change. It can be the first day for the menu, and they can talk about each and every item on it and help you make a decision. They must do some serious studying at home because they are on top of things here.

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