Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology: A Parent’s New Best Friend

Selective focus shot of cheerful mid adult man sitting in passenger’s seat and putting on seatbelt when teaching his teenage son to drive.

Hey parents, do you remember the first time you got behind the wheel? It was both exciting and scary, right? Now, imagine your teenager is about to have that same experience. It’s natural to worry, but Chevrolet has got our backs.  The bowtie brand has created a new suite of safety features called Teen Driver Technology. Let’s dive into why it might just become your new best friend.

Keeping Speed in Check

First things first, we all know teenagers can sometimes be a little adventurous. They might want to see how fast the car can go when they’re out with friends. But with Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology, you can set a maximum speed limit for the car. That means no matter how hard your teen presses the gas pedal, the car won’t go over that speed. Peace of mind? Absolutely.

Volume Control

Ever turned the volume down because you can’t see over the noise? That’s called sensory overload, and it can make it hard to focus on maneuvering in heavy traffic or squeezing into a tight parking spot.  We’ve all been guilty of blasting music in our cars, but we know when to turn the volume down. Teens? Not o much. Luckily, with Teen Driver Technology, parents can set a max volume limit. This way, you can make sure your teen can still hear important sounds, like a horn from another car or a siren from an emergency vehicle, and they can always see over the noise. Plus, the car won’t even let the music play until the seatbelt is buckled. It’s like having a co-pilot reminding them of safety.

Report Cards Aren’t Just For School

Chevrolet’s tech doesn’t just stop at controls. It also sends you, the parent, a “Report Card” of your teen’s driving. This isn’t about catching them doing something wrong but more about teaching them to become better drivers. The report will tell you things like if they were driving too fast, or if they had to brake hard because they weren’t paying attention. It’s a great way to talk to your teen about safe driving habits.

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Shop Berglund Cars for Teen Driver Technology

Being a parent of a teen driver can be nerve-wracking. But Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology makes it easier to ensure they’re safe on the road. With speed limits, volume control, and even report cards, you’ll feel more relaxed knowing there’s a little guardian angel in the car with them. So, the next time you hear about someone getting a Chevrolet for their teenager, you’ll know why. It’s not just a car; it’s a parent’s new best friend.

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