Choose And Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

If you’re a family that prefers a fresh, live Christmas tree over an artificial one, you have a couple of options for purchasing your tree. While there’s plenty of pop-up tree shops at hardware stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores, the most fun way to get a Christmas tree is to choose and cut one yourself at a local tree farm, Hamill Christmas Tree Farm.

Christmas Tree Varieties

Hamill Farm offers four stunning varieties of Christmas trees at affordable prices. You can opt to cut your own, or choose a pre-cut one at the farm.

  • White Pine – The White Pine is a very popular variety in western Virginia. It has soft, long, light green needles with a beautiful white tint. The White Pine’s branches don’t hold heavy ornaments as well, but they do retain their needles longer after they’re cut. ($21 choose and cut/$30+ pre-cut)
  • Virginia Pine/Scotch Pine – Scotch pine needles are of medium length and a dark green color. They have very long branches that hold heavy ornaments well. The Scotch Pine is being replaced with the Virginia Pine due to disease. Virginia Pine’s offer branches and needles that are between a White Pine and a Scotch Pine. ($21 choose and cut/$26+ pre-cut)
  • Fraser Fir/Canaan Fir – Fraser Fir’s offer dark green needles with strong branches to support heavy decorating, and they give off that signature Christmas tree smell. They dry slowly after they’re cut, so the needles will stay on the branches longer. Canaan Fir’s are very similar to Fraser Fir’s, but they grow better at lower elevations. You can select pre-cut Fraser Fir at Hamill Farm, or cut your own Canaan fir. ($50 choose and cut/$50+ pre-cut)
  • Norway Spruce – The strong branches of Norway Fir’s hold branches well, and have dark green needles. However, these trees do not retain their needles for long, so its best to wait until later in the season, around December 10th to choose a Norway Fir. ($42 choose and cut/price available later in the season)

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Christmas Tree Care

  • When you bring your tree home, fill the stand with boiling water to melt away any sap that may have formed since it was cut. Dried sap prevents the tree from absorbing water and staying healthy.
  • Keep your tree in a stand that holds water well, and check the water levels several times a day, refilling as necessary.
  • Only use plain tap water to care for your tree.