Dixie Caverns: A Natural Wonder In Your Backyard

family hiking through cavern

The Dixie Caverns offer dazzling spaces full of hidden natural gems. Right here in your backyard in Salem, you can visit a unique place open to the public. For almost 100 years, people from near and far have been touring the caverns and enjoying their beauty. If you haven’t been to Dixie Caverns, it’s time to check out this natural wonder.

Tour the Caverns

Take the tour and descend into another world. Your guide will walk you through caverns with amazing rock and mineral formations. In fact, the 45-minute tour will include viewing the famous Wedding Bell, and you’ll tour caverns that are still growing in size. In addition, no two caverns are the same. A few lights throughout the caverns help you see the sparkling and beautiful rock forms.

Go Antiquing

After you’ve toured the caverns, browse through Dixie Antiques for a few moments. You’re sure to find some “gems” of a different kind. In fact, with over 44 vendors, you’ll find every antique there is. And with clean shelves and organized displays, you won’t miss your big find.

Shop the Rocks and Gems

Whether you’re a beginner collector or a long-time fan, you’ll love the Dixie Caverns Rock Shop. There are mineral specimens galore and even fossils. In fact, you can see rocks, gems, and minerals from around the world. The perfect piece for your collection is waiting for you there.

Camp Year-round

Although Dixie Caverns is only about four miles outside Salem, you can still enjoy the year-round campgrounds. Pack up your trailer, RV, or tent and spend some time outdoors. However, you won’t have to disconnect at this camp. This is because you can access free Wi-Fi, water, and many other amenities. And best of all, this campsite is pet-friendly. Thus, you can bring your best fur pal along.

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Plan Your Trip to Dixie Caverns

Whether you’re heading to Dixie Caverns for just an afternoon or longer, there are a few things to remember. First, the caverns stay at around 57 degrees Fahrenheit, so you may want to bring a light jacket for comfort. Next, the adult ticket price is $18, while it’s $8 for children ages five to 12. Children under five are free. The Dixie Caverns are closed on Tuesdays, so plan your visit Wednesday through Sunday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Finally, keep in mind that there is a great gift shop, the Rock Shop, the Antiques Mall, and the campgrounds.

Western Virginia is home to many beautiful caverns and wonders, but very few are open to the public. Dixie Caverns offers everyone the chance to see a hidden part of the natural world. Come and tour the stunning Dixie Caverns today.

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