DIY Fall Crafts For The Season

High angle portrait of young woman making handmade autumn decoration using yellow eaves

DIY crafts are a great way to explore your creative side and decorate your home without spending a fortune! Try one of these adorable autumnal DIYs this season.

Ombre Pumpkin Centerpiece

Finding the right centerpiece(s) for your table can be difficult from season to season, but this adorable DIY has you covered all fall long. Paint small white pumpkins in varying shades that complement your existing decor and/or dinnerware and arrange them in a group on the table. You can add a few bud vases with flowers and vintage candlesticks to complete the vision.

Rickrack Jack O’ Lantern

Though carving and painting pumpkins are good fun, those crafts can take a bit of time. If you’re short on time but still want fun jack o’ lanterns this fall, use black rickrack to create triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a toothy grin. You can add small white or black buttons to the rickrack to add pupils to the pumpkin’s eyes.

Lacey Pumpkin

Another pumpkin alternative, this DIY uses lace applique to spruce up any pumpkin. These adorable gourds are perfect for decorating your table, shelves, or even your front porch.

Button Spiders

Thee button spiders are perfect for gluing to a pumpkin or scattering around your Halloween decor for some extra spooky flair. To make these faux arachnids, thread red string through the holes of a large black button in a criss-cross pattern, then hot glue it in place on the bottom of the button. Use small sections of pipe cleaners to make the legs and a smaller black button for the head. Get the full DIY here.

Pinecone Wreath

Even if you don’t have a back yard littered with pinecones, this DIY is still very inexpensive. Take a 16-inch wreath form and cover it with pinecones from your yard or the craft store. You can even paint them or apply glitter for added adorable points. The best part is that this wreath can transition seamlessly from fall to the winter holiday season!

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Tree Branch Coasters

This is a great DIY if you’ve done a bit of pruning around the yard lately and need a way to get rid of some tree branches. Cut a branch wide enough for a cup or mug into 3/4-inch thick slices and lightly sand each disk. From here, you can leave the disks as they are or paint/Modgepodge a design onto the tops. These rustic-chic coasters would make excellent holiday gifts!

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