DIY Ideas For Every Room

Wooden folding ladder used as shelves for plants in natural dining room interior with white walls.

Spring is full of bright and vibrant colors that make every day feel exciting and new. Although, you don’t have to go outside to enjoy the beauty of spring. You can invite the season into your house with these DIY ideas for every room in your home. These projects make it easy to celebrate spring every moment of the day. That’s a surefire way to stay in a jubilant mood all season long.

Make Spray Bottle Art for the Entryway or Hallway

Say hello to spring by making spray bottle art for your entryway or hallway. Pick up a white canvas and decorate it with purple, yellow, and pink paint. Make any design you wish, and then prop the canvas up, so it’s vertical. Also, spray it with water so the paint drips on the canvas. Let the paint dry, and then apply leaf adhesive with a detailed paintbrush. After, hang it up and feel the joy of spring every time you see it.

Create a Citrus-inspired Spring Tablescape for the Dining Room

Show off your favorite spring colors with this citrus-inspired spring tablescape. This tablescape consists of numerous pieces, including table runners, flowers, and citrus garnishes. Put it together for a fun meal with your family. Undoubtedly, they’ll love the springy feel that this tablescape provides.

Hang an Herb Garden in the Kitchen

Green herbs are the perfect representation of spring. Bring them into your kitchen with this DIY hanging herb garden project. You’ll place the herbs in small buckets and hang them from your windows. The herbs will get ample sunlight, and you can use them as needed when cooking. This DIY project looks great and is practical, so it’s a hit.

Make Easy No-sew Grommet Curtains for the Bedroom

You don’t need much money or sewing skills to make these easy no-sew grommet curtains for your bedroom. These gorgeous curtains look professionally tailored, so you’ll be proud to display them. Above all, don’t be shocked if everyone thinks you paid top dollar for these impressive curtains.

Create Painted Animal Bookends for the Kids Rooms

Add some spring cheer to your kids’ bedrooms with DIY-painted animal bookends. You’ll use toy animals, brick or wood, and spray paint for this clever project. Choose a fun spring color for the bookends so your kids will feel a mood boost every time they walk into other rooms.

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Add a Colorful Storage Ladder for the Bathroom

You can give your bathroom an instant burst of color, plus a modern look, with this storage ladder project. Once the ladder is complete, you can use it to store bath towels and other items.

These projects will help you dress up your home this spring. It’s easy to be excited about the new season when you have reminders throughout your house. It’s even more enjoyable when you make the decorations yourself, so these projects are an outstanding choice.

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