It Doesn’t Have To Be Tuesday To Enjoy Tacos From Tuco’s Taqueria Garaje

A plate of nachos in a Mexican restaurant.

Forget about Taco Tuesday. You can enjoy tacos and other delicious options every day of the week at Tuco’s Taqueria Garaje in Roanoke, Virginia. This place always attracts a big crowd thanks to its vibrant atmosphere and tasty food. Learn more to see why this is the right choice when you’re craving tacos.

Tacos for All Tastes

Are you used to going to taco restaurants that give you two choices: chicken or beef? Maybe the restaurants offer one more option by allowing you to choose between hard or soft tortillas, but that’s where the choices end. Well, get ready for quite an adventure at Tuco’s Taqueria Garaje. There are so many different specialty tacos here, and let’s just say they’re anything but standard. After all, where else can you get a Southern Comfort Taco with fried catfish or a Buffalo Taco with buffalo fried chicken? Oh, and don’t worry if you’re looking for traditional choices. You can also get the Al Pastor or even build your own tacos here.

And while tacos are the main draw at Tuco’s Taqueria Garaje, they’re far from your only options. You can also chow down on burritos, sides, and more. Oh, and homemade Tres Leches Cake will be calling your name after you finish your entrée.

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A Fun, Relaxing Atmosphere

The tacos aren’t the only thing on point here. You’ll also love the atmosphere. The restaurant is inside of an old garage warehouse and features Aztec mural art and other design elements. Also, the staff is fast and friendly and will share their favorite recommendations with you. That can be helpful as you work your way through the extensive menu.

With tacos available every day of the week, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to chow down. Stop by soon so you can try these divine tacos. Then, keep coming back so you can try the specialty tacos.

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