The Exhilarating Handling of the New BMW 528i

BMW 528i LynchburgYou will be excited to drive the BMW 528i as soon as you read the performance specs. Once you get behind the wheel, you will notice that handling only makes these numbers better. Owners and industry experts agree that the 528i delivers excellent handling with a fun-to-drive feel.

The BMW 528i Engine

Before you can understand the handling of the BMW 528i, you need to get a feel for the engine. The 4-cylinder generates 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque at 1,250 rpm. This means that you can enjoy a potent thrust at low revolutions or up to 4,800. The engine is lightweight to help with maneuvering, and it features Valvetronic, Double-VANOS, and High Precision Direct Injection technologies to balance power and efficiency without sacrificing either.

How the 528i Handles

Expert reviews agree that the BMW 528i helps keep you involved without putting too much pressure on you. Every element is enhanced by the technology, and all models in the 5 Series, including the 528i, have a firm ride that remains quiet and supple. You will always feel connected with your car, and the engine in this model responds quickly and delivers good fuel economy.

Integral Active Steering

Part of the reason for the excellent handling of the 528i is the Integral Active Steering feature. This system acts on every wheel based on the steering angle and speed. Maneuverability and agility are enhanced at low speeds, as the rear wheels will turn opposite to the front ones, resulting in better cornering and parking. When you reach higher speeds, the rear and front wheels turn together, boosting handling stability by extending your wheelbase.

Dynamic Damper Control

The Dynamic Damper Control system adjusts the shock absorbers instantly between the firmest and softest settings to give you a smooth ride with fluid handling. It can even do this when the vehicle speed, road conditions, or load weight change.

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