Experience Roanoke’s Craft Beer Scene with a Tour

Taste the best craft beer that Roanoke has to offer by taking a tour around the local breweries. The area is home to multiple breweries that serve craft beer, but exploring them by yourself can be a challenge. By taking a tour, you can learn more about each of the places and discover the best brews.


What You’ll See

The scheduled tours will take you to three different breweries in Roanoke. At each location, you’ll get to see the brewing facilities and attend a quick course, “Beer Brewing 101,” where you’ll find out what goes into brewing beer. You will even see the traditional ingredients and find out what has led the current craft beer movement to its current place.

More Details

The tour price includes the round trip transportation, light snacks, and, of course, the beer tastings. You have to buy your ticket in advance and have to be at least 21 years old to attend. Luckily, there is a tour nearly every single week. They tend to take place on Fridays and run from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. The tour starts at Big Lick Brewing Company on Salem Avenue SW.Drive Your Ford to Taste Some Craft Beer

When you are ready to drive to the tour, hop in a Ford from Berglund Ford or Berglund of Bedford. That way your drive from Bedford or Salem will be comfortable, and you can use the technology in your Ford to find the destination with ease.

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