Fun Christmas Games The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Family Sitting On Sofa Playing Game Of Charades At Christmas Together

After the last present is unwrapped and the last cookie is baked, how will you spend the rest of Christmas? Why not play a few family games? These fun holiday-themed games are the perfect way to spend quality time with your close loved ones this Christmas!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Hide small decor items, trinkets, candies, and other Christmas items around the house, then come up with clues for the kids to solve. Everyone will love this interactive game, especially if candy is involved!

Christmas Movie Bingo

Many channels stream Christmas movies non-stop for several days leading up to Christmas and all day on Christmas Day. Print out a few Christmas Movie Bingo cards, cozy up with some hot chocolate, and get to watching! This game is also perfect to play virtually/from afar with family and friends you can’t see this year, just send them a card to see how many movies you each can watch this year!

What’s In Santa’s Hat?

This sensory and tactile game works best for younger kids, but older ones will enjoy it too! Put different Christmas treats and items inside a Santa hat and have the little ones take turns guessing what’s inside.

Cookie Decorating Contest

Who in your family has the best cookie decorating skills? Find out with a cookie decorating contest. Bake up a big batch of Christmas sugar cookies/cut-out cookies and provide different colored icings, candies, and sprinkles then let your resident artists get to work.

Christmas Tree Ball Sort Game

If you have toddlers who are learning their colors, this Christmas game is perfect for your family! It helps teach little ones to sort objects – plastic balls in this case – and spreads holiday cheer at the same time – win-win! Plus, you likely have everything you need to create the DIY game today!

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Christmas Charades/Pictionary

Gather the family up for a good old fashioned game of charades or dictionary, but theme it to the holiday! You could spend hours playing these games, and the minimal supplies needed makes it easier on everyone.

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