Fun Outdoor Activities For You And The Family To Try

Friends playing cornhole outside

Warmer weather will be here soon and that means it’s time to break out the outdoor games! Enjoy the beautiful weather with friends and family by playing one of these fun games today. We’ve had a ton of fun playing them in our backyards and we hope you do too.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is a great game for all ages. Giant Jenga is simply larger blocks than your standard games’ size. Add pops of color to the ends with paint in order to give it a spring and summer vibe. This game never gets old, so grab the giant Jenga blocks and head outside today.


Famous for football tailgate entertainment, this game is perfect for all outings outside. Grab your cornhole components and set them up in your yard this afternoon. Split up into teams and see who can get the most bean bags into the holes. Remember that a bag in the hole equals three points, while a bag on the board is one point.

Colorful Horseshoes

Add some flair to your old horseshoe and croquet set with a splash of color on each. Add stripes, polka dots, or whatever design your heart desires. Let them dry, and use your beautifully updated horseshoes and croquet outside for hours of fun.

DIY Cacti Ring Toss

Make ring toss games cute again thanks to this adorable do-it-yourself idea. Create cute cacti out of cardboard boxes and decorate with paint, markers, stickers, or anything else you’d like to use. Once you’ve created your cacti, set them out in the yard and grab your rings. See who can hook the most rings on a cactus branch.

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Bocce Balls

This game is a classic because it’s so simple, yet so fun. If your bocce ball set is showing some wear from years of using it, then pick out your favorite spray paint colors and update your set today. Make sure to seal with a protective finish in order to enjoy it for years to come.

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