The Key To A Good Night’s Sleep


As you begin to wind down for the night, the actions you take can help or hinder a good night’s rest. If you want to start the day refreshed from a good sleep, consider these tips to start a healthy bedtime routine.

Get into a Routine

Taking steps to relax yourself and calm your mind can go a long way in securing some shuteye. A warm bath is a great way to ease tense muscles, and the hour leading up to lights-out can be set aside for quality time with the family. Now’s not the time to start any involved chores, but if clutter distracts you, take just a moment to tidy up around your room or set out your clothes for tomorrow. Once you’re settled in, consider picking up a good book to read a chapter or two. You can also keep a journal handy to record the events of the day or go over all that you have to be grateful for. Pen and paper work best for your nighttime journal, as the laptop and phone should be put away at this point in the evening.

Break the Distracting Habits

For all the good habits you start in the evenings, it’s also important to avoid certain sleep-diminishing activities bed. While it’s common to unwind with Netflix or YouTube after dinner, try to limit your screen time as bedtime approaches. That goes for the computer, video games, and phone as well, and checking your work and email before bed is counterproductive when it’s time to unplug. Dessert is fine after dinner, but don’t wait too late to eat, as some foods can interfere with sleep. A cup of hot tea can also be quite relaxing, but try to drink it at least an hour before bed.

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